Install Android Apps on Windows 10 Mobile- The easiest way

Yesterday, we reported about  the first project Astoria App leak showing a video running the first Project Astoria based app in Action.

Today we are having a very exciting news to share. Now, an app has been released which allows you to deploy(install) Android apps in your Windows 10 Mobile if you have a  supporting W10M device. This app named APKTOW10M which can be downloaded from here allows you to drag and drop an Android apk file to install in your Windows 10 mobile device.

For now, the supported Windows 10 Mobile devices on which you can install Android apps are- 
Lumia 1520,930,929,928,920,925,830,730,820,635(1GB RAM) and 435.

Do you have one of these device and you are going to try this? Share your view.
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