Now use more feature rich VLC Beta, similar to Facebook Beta

Few days ago, VLC team updated their Windows version of VLC to suit Windows 10. Since it's a Universal app, the phone version was also supposed to be updated, but we didn’t see an update.

Now we know the reason why it was so. One of the VLC developer, Thomas Nigro, has cited that it was due to some odd issue with the version number that prevented them to publish the app.

So, now they have found a workaround for that and have made their private Beta as a public version which you can download if you have the link. It means now we will have two versions of VLC in the store, one VLC and other VLC Beta, similar to Facebook and Facebook Beta.

Thomas Nigro writes:

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t release it on our main distribution channel because of an odd Windows Store issue (version number problem). As the amount of users asking for an update is tremendous, I decided to use our Private Beta channel and transform it to a Public Beta channel.”
“The Public Beta channel works like Facebook and Facebook Beta. The first one is stable, well tested and should be OK for everyone, while the second brings new features, bug fixes … and potential new bugs. Facebook Beta is hidden, and you can download it only via a link -> Same for VLC Beta. It also means the VLC Beta channel will get updates more often.”

It also means that users downloading VLC Beta will be first to try all those new features. However it might be more unstable.

One advantage for now is that you can have a Windows 10 Mobile version using this Beta channel.

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Download the Beta from here

Source-Thomas Nigro
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