Everything you need to know about Cortana

If you are a Windows phone user for a long time, you might have heard of Cortana, but if you are a new user of Windows Phone or have recently installed it in your Android Phone(Yes, you can have it in your Android Phone too), or You have upgraded to Windows 10, it might be new to you. So here we will be telling you everything that you need to know about Cortana.

To anyone who's played the Halo games, Cortana needs no introduction: She's an advanced artificial intelligence and Master Chief's only real friend. Cortana is a fictional artificially intelligent (AI) character in the Halo video game series. The origin of Cortana is not explained in the video games, but in the Halo novels. Her first chronological appearance in the story is in Halo: The Fall of Reach, a 2001 prequel to the first Halo game. According to the Halo novels, Cortana is classified as a "Smart" AI, meaning that her creative matrix is allowed to expand, in contrast to the limited matrix of other "dumb" AI characters in the stories.
On Windows Platform, she is a similar but more real-like advanced personal assistant that help you with your day to day task including, but not limited to, reminding you for a task, showing current news and weather, playing music of your choice etc.

How  Cortana  works ?

Cortana  allows Windows Phone users to set how they want to be addressed by the voice-activated assistant. Cortana can call users by their name or nicknames like "Bikash" after the function is enabled in the settings.  A key part of Cortana is its ability to save information and data in a Notebook system. Notebook will allow the Cortana to access information such as location data, behaviors, personal information, reminders, and contact information. Cortana can also track flights or other mentions in emails, allowing it to generate notifications similar to its rivals.

Cortana's look in Windows Phone: 

Cortana's look in Windows 10 PC  :

Some Commands to try with Cortana :

"Call mom"
"Make a Call to Harsh"
"Turn call forwarding off"

"Text Chinmesh"
"Message Rajesh"
"Text Lucyfier on my way"

"Put dentist appointment on my calendar tomorrow"
"What am I doing this weekend?"

"Remind me to pick up the dry cleaning when I leave work"
"Remind me to buy fresh fruits tomorrow"

Chit Chat
"Tell me a joke"
"What do you eat"
"I love you"

"Play Honey Singh"
"What song is Playing?"
"Play my Playlist"

"Find Domino’s pizza near me"
"Is there a Starbucks near me?"
"What's traffic like on the way to my work?"

Is it better than Siri (for  ios) and Google Now (for android)?

Cortana won't just listen to you, she'll understand you, and she'll be aware of everything from your location to your personal preferences. Cortana is available to third party developers: unlike Siri, which is limited to Apple's own apps and a few Apple-anointed services, Cortana potentially works with any of your apps. Third-party support with Facebook, Skype, Hulu Plus is significant. Cortana is a wine expert and a travel agent and a personal assistant and anything else you might need to make your everyday life a little bit easier. The vision is of Cortana as a smart, well-informed helper or friend. Cortana is far better than siri and google now.

Now when you have known a lot about Cortana, Just give try to the commands mentioned above and let us know in the comments below about your love for her. Did you get anything more to add in that list?

-Bikash Ranjan
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