WhatsApp working on Windows 10 Mobile Version- Know What New we can Expect

A Mock image of WhatsApp on Windows 10 Mobile

Yesterday we reported about a new version of WhatsApp that came with many new features. They have been consistently supporting Windows platform bringing updates now and then.

Now there is a new report which mentions that they are now working on a Windows 10 Mobile specific version which will bring more features to the app together with a brand new refreshing look, which users have been demanding for few weeks.

In response to an user's query, the WhatsApp team wrote-

Hi,Thanks for your message.
We appreciate your feedback about WhatsApp compatibility with Windows Phone 10 and apologize for the inconvenience.
Windows Phone 10 is not an official OS version and currently we are not supporting WhatsApp on beta OS versions.
Our developers are working hard on providing you with a compatible version.
Thank you for your patience and support for WhatsApp. Emilia, WhatsApp Support Team
So the next questions that might be hauling your mind is that how different will it be from the current Windows Phone 8.1 version.

What we can expect with Windows 10 Mobile version-
  • A brand new refreshing Windows 10 look having all the new design changes.
  • Adaptive and interactive toast notifications which provides additional Informations and allows you to respond to a message directly from the Action/Notification Center itself. So no more opening WhatsApp with every notification.
  • Adaptive Live Tile templates- Adaptive Live Tiles adapt to different screen density devices, so to ensure that the Live Tile looks great on any device. So we might expect a better live tiles too with more information.
  • Better background task tackling- No more waiting for a Audio/Video to complete downloading, as they will be able to complete even if the app is not running in foreground.
  • More open APIs to enhance the current functionalities and remove restrictions that is present now.
Do you have anything to add to this list or do you expect something more from the Windows 10 Mobile version? Let us know in the comments below.


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