[Survey] More than 90% People Loving Windows 10

It’s been just three weeks since the launch of Windows 10 and already many analysis/benchmarks are out showcasing the performance of this Windows 7 successor.

Microsoft has worked hard in the past several months to bring a stable, fast and fluid operating system and tried their best not to repeat the mistakes they did with Windows 8. And yes, it’s now showing up.

According to a survey done by BrandWatch, around 92% people  (in 7000 posts) have shown love towards this new OS as compared to 8% who hated it. On average, about 500 people expresses their love for Windows 10 daily compared to the 100 a day that do not share the same view.

In terms of specific features that came with Windows 10, people seem to be enjoying Cortana integration and the Edge Browser the most, with the Start menu coming in third on the “love” list. Yet, if we look at the “hate” list, the Start menu also happens to be the most disliked feature. Interesting. BrandWatch put the two lists together, and the chart below is the result.

It should be mentioned that these data are not based on some scientific calculation but on the view of a bunch of people. May be there are many windows enthusiasts among those 7000 people. But whatever be the case, it at least shows a better response of audience towards Windows 10 as compared to its predecessor.

Let’s forget this survey. Be honest and let us know your view about Windows 10 in the comment below.
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