Is Microsoft giving another thought to 'Hamburgers' on Windows Phone?

Today Photos and Camera app has been updated in Windows 10 Store. Since both of them are Universal apps, we have an update even for Windows 10 Mobile. Although the update does not come with a change log, there is a major Change in Windows Mobile 10 version.

Photos App with Pivots and Ellipsis Back
The Hamburger menu that came with Windows Mobile 10 Photos App is no more and pivots and ellipsis are back. YES, it now has a pivot – which lets you switch between your latest photos and albums very easily. This has been one of the best user experience features on Windows Phone, and it’s nice to see that Microsoft is bringing these features back.  They also moved the Refresh button, Select button, & Three Dots to the bottom. Since hamburger is gone, tapping the three dots in lower-right corner gives your account profile and Settings options.

So the question is- Does it anyway hints that they are listening the loud voice of Windows Phone Fans and doing away with Hamburger Menu, at least for some of the apps?

People have always opposed the idea of Hamburger on Windows Phone. The cry was so loud that Microsoft had to publish an Article explaining their decision to bring Hamburger. But still they are not able to convince their users. Bringing the pivots and ellipsis do hint towards a non-hamburger approach but still it’s difficult to say anything with surety as of now, as it may lead to design inconsistencies across the OS.

Most probably they may adopt a dual approach with Hamburgers on PC/Tablets and Ellipsis-Pivots on phones. Yes, it’s very much possible. With the powerful Universal applications, developers can change the design language according to different suits still keeping the same base code.

Whatever be the approach, it’s too early to judge anything but it at least gave a hope of doing away with Hamburgers to the people against it.

What’s your view about Hamburgers on Windows Phones? Do share in comments below?

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