How to free-up System Memory of Windows Phone Without Hard Reset

Fed-up with your system memory which reached more than 5 GB on your windows phone?

Every one is suggesting for hard reset?

Don't worry, No hard reset is needed.

You just need to follow below steps.

These steps will free10-50mb or may be more.

  1. Open storage sense form settings>storage sense OR from app list.
  2. In storage sense go in phone>temporary files>internet explorer settings>Delete history>delete. (optional but if you do you will get more free space)
  3. After deleting, go back to storage sense.
  4. Now after loading completely, go again to temporary files and click on delete button.(wait till deleting gets completed)
  5. Now your phone storage is freed a little bit.

This steps will free 100 MB - 1 GB or maybe more.
  1. Follow Above Steps first & then proceed to next steps.
  2. Turn-Off your internet, Wi-Fi, all apps, games.(Remember do all your pending work before proceeding to next step)
  3. Now do a soft reset (press and hold the power button and volume down button for about 10 seconds)(or Pull the battery directly). (Don't worry, it will not erase your phone's data)
  4. *IMPORTANT* After your phone gets started you must keep it aside, don't even unlock it, At-least for couple of Hour's. (5 or more hour's Recommended)

These Steps Worked For me, also worked for few of my friends.

Please try this steps and comment below if worked or if not, we are here to help you.
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