File Sharing Between Windows Phone and other Devices(WP/Android/PC) over WiFi

Do you want to share larger files including Movies, Music, Pictures, Office Files etc between your Windows Phone and other device?
Do you want to connect your Windows Phone to your PC without any cable or taking out memory card?

Here is the trick and the solution where the WiFi Direct feature is employed using a free Windows Phone app.

This time i am sharing details about a WP app called "Easy Transfer". It is a wonderful app using which you can share between WP-WP or WP-Android or Android-WP or WP-PC at a super fast speed upto 5 Mbps.
Note:- For it to work, u need to have this app only on your phone and not on the other phone or PC.

1) Download app from here:- Easy Transfer (size <1 Mb)

2) Next turn on internet sharing on your phone. To ON internet sharing, you may need to turn on mobile data for few seconds. So don't worry, just turn it for few seconds until internet sharing is enabled. Then you can turn off mobile data leaving internet sharing still on.

3) Connect the other phone/pc to your phone using WiFi i.e internet sharing. Note:- You need not be connected to internet for pairing through WiFi. But you may need to enter password.

4) Open the Easy Transfer app. You will get a web address.

5) On the other device, open a BROWSER (Internet explorer or any) and enter the web address( As shown in fig. Above....)

6) You will get a user friendly explorer in the browser to upload/download files at a super fast speed.You can also play music and video in the browser. :)

That's it. Any doubt/trouble, feel free to ask in comments below. Don't forget to share. It may help other Windows Phone users.

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