Developer Unlock Windows Phone to Sideload 10 XAPs (Applications) [Updated on 11 June]

Developer Unlock is a process of hacking/unlocking your phone to get special privileges that only Application Developers get. This way you get special privileges to install up to 10 XAPs (xap is the extension for Windows Phone application). Note that there are other methods too by which you can unlock your phone, but this method provides you facility to install 10 XAPs while others for only 2. XAPs of different applications can be found by Googling or You can comment below to request one.
NOTE: You dont need to use any live id or .edu  id. Follow the below steps and you should have a dev unlocked device.
By this method, you can also install games/applications that are not available at Windows Market or are not meant for your phone due to RAM limitation. For example- You can install Subway Surfers or Temple Run OZ on Lumia 512 OR you can Install Moli Player PRO for free.

Note:- Proceed Further on Your risk. No one will be responsible for any unwanted damage.

Once you are developer Unlocked, you get Updates earlier than normal users through Windows Update.
Some important Prerequisite:-
    1)  Many Users have already registered for Developer account to install 2 Apps. If you are one of them, first unregister your Phone. Check Here. You can also use Unregister tool available in Windows Phone 8 SDK.

     2)  Check Your Phone and PC Date and make sure they are up to date. 
     3)  Connect both your phone and your PC to the Internet.
     4)  Make sure your Phone screen is On and Pin Unlocked.
     5)  Make Sure your Device has been detected (by Device Manager.). If not, install the Windows Phone Driver from here.

DownloadThis Tool This software is in Chinese Language but don’t worry, Just Follow the Pictures below
    1)  Right click the downloaded tool and click “Run as Administrator”. You will get something as shown in Pic below. Click on Blue Bar as shown.

     2)  The software gets installed. Click on the ‘X’ button as shown below:-

    3)  Go to Desktop and Right Click the Shortcut of the Application. Run as Administrator. You will get something as shown in Pic below:-

     4)  Once Your Phone Gets detected, Click on the Blue Button as shown in Pic above.

     5)  Wait for few Minutes and Your Phone will be developer unlocked to Install 10 Applications. When unlock is completed, you will see something as shown in Pic below:-

Once your phone is developer Unlocked, use this tool to deploy/install any application to your phone. 
The XAP files of applications can be found by Googling. You can also request for XAP files in Comments below.

Note: You must have Dot Net 4 in your PC to run this app. Works on Windows 7/8/8.1. Download 

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 (Offline Installer)


Feel Free to Comment if you face any Problem.

Games + Apps Download Link:-
Temple Run OZ
Subway Surfer New York
Moli Player Pro
Subway Surfer Tokyo [512 MB]

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