Always On Top: Keeping a window on top always

Let’s say you are browsing the web in Firefox and simultaneously watching a video in Windows Movie Player or QuickTime. The problem is that if you switch to Firefox, the media player window moves to background and vice-versa.

If you would like to prevent that video clip from hiding even while you bring the browser to the foreground, you may download “Always on Top” – a free utility that will “stick” any program window to the foreground of your desktop with a simple keyboard shortcut.

An example with Excel and Calculator:
Calculator Always on top of this Excel worksheet

To get started, download the Always On Top utility from Dropbox (<200k) and run it. Then select the window you like to keep on top and press the Ctrl+Space shortcut to stick that window in the front.

You no longer have to worry about arranging windows side-by-side to copy-paste information from one window to another.If you like to disable sticking and restore the default window behavior, just press the same Ctrl+Space shortcut again.
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