A to Z Solution For Internet Download Manager [IDM] Installation, Activation and Errors

Internet Download Manager is a powerful downloading tool that every internet user is well aware of. Downloading even a 1MB file without a download manager is very tough and time consuming. Of course IDM is the first name in the list of Downloading Tools as it’s the fastest and freely available with certain tweaks.

However there are some problem that many users faces like:-

1)  Downloading IDM and Using Patch to Register it.
2)  Serial key Blocked and Exiting of IDM
3)  Fake Registration and Serial key Dialog box at regular Interval(although IDM works perfectly)
4)  Resuming download of Files showing error
5)  Non catching of Video Links from websites like Youtube

I will provide A to Z solution to all these IDM related issues one by one:-

1)    Downloading IDM and Using Patch to Register it

Trial version of IDM can be easily downloaded from its official website. I always recommend to download it from its official website only as it provides the Latest Version always. The download link has been provided at the end of Post. Install it after downloading.
While installing, follow the default options and keep on clicking Next Next... Once you Install the trial version, use the Patch(Download link at the end of post) to Register this version and make it a full version. This Patch is the best working Patch for all the Versions of IDM.
Steps for Patching:-
i)          Right click on Patch and click “Run as Administrator”. (Most important step)
ii)        Click on Patch at bottom left
iii)       Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager and Select the green coloured IDMan
iv)       Enter any name and company in next fields and click ok.
v)        You will get a message as “IDM Patched Successfully”.

**** Make sure that IDM is not running in Background otherwise you will get an error. You can close all instances of IDM by Opening Task Manager by right clicking on Task Bar and closing all IDM related processes from Processes tab as shown below.

2)   Serial key Blocked and Exiting of IDM

One faces this problem after IDM automatically updates itself or You click on the update option. Never click on the update option that you get now and then.

Solution- Again Patch the application by following the procedures mentioned above. Make sure IDM is not running and you run the patch as Administrator.

3) Fake Registration and Serial key Dialog box at regular Interval(although IDM works perfectly)

A new issue that has been arising from few days is this pop up that keeps on coming regularly even though IDM works properly.

Solution- To disable this popup, follow these steps:-

i)          Press win+R to go to Run

ii)        Type “Regedit” without the quotes and press enter
iii)       Press ctrl + F (i.e control key and F key simultaneously) to open Registry Search.

iv)   Type “CheckUpdtVM” exactly but without quotes.
v)      After few seconds of search, you will get CheckUpdtVM. Just double click it, and Change its Value to 0 (Zero and not alphabet O)
vi)       That’s it.

4)  Resuming download of Files showing error

Most of the times you would be facing problem in IDM for resuming files showing Error status as shown below:

Sometimes we get error even at 99% and when we try to resume or refresh the address, the file starts downloading from the very beginning which is a total waste of efforts, time and data bandwidthTo know.

Solution- To solve this issue and Resume downloads from FileSharing Sites, Visit our Previous Post-

5)  Non catching of Video Links from websites like Youtube

Sometimes due to change in YouTube or any integration problem with Browsers like chrome, Firefox and IE, we don’t get the download options and we are unable to download Videos.

Solution 1- The best solution is to Reinstall the Latest Version of IDM and Patch it again. You can also try reinstalling the browser.

Solution 2- There is one more less known Solution. See our Previous Post-

DownloadYoutube videos on Mobile and Desktop Without Using Any software

I hope that by the end of this tutorial, all your IDM related issues has been solved. However if you are facing any more issue or is having any trouble in above steps, Do comment below.

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            (To download, click the link above and press skip on the top right after 5 seconds and download instantly. )

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