Use Your Pen Drive as Windows Login Password

Today we’ll see a cool trick about using your pen drive as your password to log into your computer. The beauty of this trick is that you don’t even need to download any additional software to do so. The feature is in-built into your Windows 7/8 operating system. So all you need is a pen drive which will act as your password. So let’s start the program without further delays.

First of all you will need to change the drive letter of your pen drive to A. So type Disk Management in the Start search box(Windows 8 users, go to Start Screen and type Disk Management) and you’ll see Create and format hard disk partitions in search result. Open this link to launch the Disk Management utility. Here you’ll see info about your hard disk partitions and removable disks. So right-click on your pen drive and select Change Drive Letter And Paths. Now change the drive letter of the pen drive and assign A to it. Now it’s done so let’s go ahead.

It’s time to enter syskey in the windows search box(Windows 8 users, go to Start Screen and type syskey) to open the syskey program.You’ll see a screen like this-

Enable the encryption(by default enabled). Now click on Update button and you’ll see the following screen-

Choose to Store Startup Key on Floppy Disk and click OK.Now a startup key will be stored in your pen drive.

If you have noticed that this program stores the startup key on floppy disk and that’s the reason why we have to change the drive letter of our pen drive to A because A and B represents floppy drives.

At this stage the process is completed and the next time you boot into your machine you’ll require that pen drive to log in. Happy password free but still secured(more) booting.

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