Become a Google + user Easily (In this time of Restriction)

Today i became a Google + user and I am very Happy. Everyone on net is desiring to have a Google plus account but Google is not offering it as it is in earlier trial mode and has exceeded its no. of users limit.

From many days, i was searching a way with which one can have a Google + account....
Here i got one....

You can have an account if someone sends you a request to join it. SO see, how to do it....
Follow these Steps:

First you login with your gmail account( Most important step) and then

2) Search for any profile with any name(For e.g Harsh Raj) in the search field.

3) You will get a great list of Google + users.

4) Click on any user and check for the option below the profile picture-" Email me".

5) It may be available or not depending on the fact that user shares his Email address.

6) If you find "Email me" option- Send him/her a mail requesting for an Invitation to Google plus, otherwise search other profile with "email me" option.

7) As he/she sends you an invitation request,,,, You will able to be a +1.


You can also send me a mail requesting for invitation, But i can't do that as Every + user has a daily limitation for inviting Others. I have exceeded my Limitation and has a long queue of mails waiting.

For further Queries, Give Comment or mail me.


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  1. Wow, it's nice. I was waiting for Google to allow me, but now i will snatch it. Thanks Harsh.

  2. very good,,,,,,,,,,